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Tips For The Perfect Bridal Bouquet - James Cress


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Size and shape of your bouquet matter. As the bouquet sits as the center focus, the size needs to be in proportion to you and your dress. If you're a petite bride, having a bridal bouquet that's to large in size could overtakes your dress in photographs, a longer Cascading bouquet could work perfectly. Think about what the formation of your bouquet will look like against the fit of your bridal gown. If you have chosen a ball gown, the bouquet needs to be as impactful in size and color. If you have a slim-fit dress, consider a cascade or a smaller styale bridal bouquet. Picking the right size of bouquets for your bridesmaids also makes a difference in photographs. The rule of thumb is that the bridesmaid's bouquets should be about 8 to 10 cm smaller than the bride's.

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