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5 Ideas on How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Thinking Outside the Box of Chocolates

Valentine’s Day has an interesting history with multiple “origin stories” vying for prominence. The net result of these real historical events is an almost worldwide holiday in the midst of February where love is celebrated in a romantic sense. Traditionally, chocolates, flowers, romantic dinners, and the like are ways people celebrate.


And while that delicious box of chocolates is a perfectly valid gift for your significant other, at least one Valentine’s Day in your relationship, you should do something a little unexpected, a little wild, a little “out of the box”. We’ll explore five suggestions to help stimulate your imagination on what might be best.


1. A Fun Twist on Traditional Flowers

When in bloom, a flower is timeless in its beauty, and a perfect way to celebrate the blooming love of your life. Bouquets with multicolored flowers are a great gift, but you might go with a few rare blooms this year. Maybe instead of buying a hundred red roses, you get one healthy orchid with roots in the soil worth thousands of dollars.

Maybe you get a bunch of roses and dye them neon colors, then arrange them artistically in the dining room for when she comes home. Sure, you can just buy a bouquet, but you can “jazz it up”, as it were. Even just a little “spice” like this can make 2023’s Valentine’s Day memorable.

2. A Surprise Trip Somewhere Special

This one is tricky if she or he has a job that demands certain attendance. However, today’s working class tends to have remote jobs. They work from home. In that scenario, provided you go somewhere the internet can be used, the sky is the limit.

Maybe take her somewhere she’s never been. You can go international, you can go local; whatever suits you. Go somewhere the both of you have always wanted to. Have an adventure.

3. Scavenger Hunts Can be Kind of Fun

If you go this route, don’t make it too complicated, and spice up the hunt with little gifts at each location. Maybe you’ve got a chocolate with the next clue in a bit of paper attached by a bow. Maybe the following clue is a little set of earrings or something. You get the idea. Plant little “bread crumb” gifts leading to the “big one”, as it were.

4. Hide a Gift Inside Another Gift

Maybe get her a box of chocolates, carefully open it, hide an expensive bit of jewelry inside, and carefully put the box back together so it doesn’t appear to have been tampered with. The hardest part about this gift is restraining yourself from accidentally giving away the surprise!

5. Something Totally Wild: Snowmobiles, Paintball, Scuba

A date doesn’t have to be dancing, walking, dining, or a movie. It can be all of those things, it can be none of those things, or it can be something wild. In northern areas, it’s pretty cold in February. You could go snowmobiling somewhere. This is a bit dangerous, but millennials and generation Z are into that sort of thing. They also like things such as paintball.

Now scuba is a bit harder because you have to get PADI-certified, and that can take a few weeks at a local pool. Still, that could be the gift, and the trip you take for final certification to Bonaire or some similar island in the Caribbean can be well worth it.


Make This Valentine’s Day One to Remember

Scuba, snowmobiles, paintball, gifts within gifts, scavenger hunts, a surprise trip, or “spiced up” floral arrangements are all fine ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Hopefully, some of these suggestions inspire you!


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