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Wedding Day Flowers: Every Bouquet and Flower Arrangement Used In Weddings

Planning your wedding flowers? Make sure you don't forget any of these essential bouquets and arrangements! From the bride's bouquet to the corsages, James Cress has got you covered. Here’s all the most popular wedding day flowers we offer.

Bride's Bouquet

At a wedding, typically the last thing a bride puts on is her bouquet. A bridal bouquet is an essential part of the bridal look, tying together the bride's outfit and adding a fresh flourish of color to her gown and accessories. Traditionally, a bridal bouquet is meant to bring luck and good fortune to the couple. According to folklore, herbs and other plants were selected and arranged in thoughtful ways - lily of the valley was used for sweetness, myrtle symbolized love, rosemary stood for loyalty - each chosen carefully to represent values that would build strong families. Nowadays, brides have more freedom in choosing their bouquets—the colors they’d like as well as what flowers are incorporated—tailoring them to each unique wedding theme. The modern bride’s bundle of blooms stands as a sentimental reminder of this age-old tradition of bringing luck and superstitions into such an important occasion.

Bride's Floral Crown or Hair Flowers

Bridal floral crowns or hair flowers add a beautiful, natural touch to weddings. Whether it be to achieve a more classic look for the special day, a bohemian vibe, or something more unique, these pieces are meant to highlight the bride's romantic vision. Stylists love working with these types of blooming accents as they provide new concepts beyond traditional floral bouquets or deconstructed boutonnieres. Furthermore, they often come in options of living plants that can be repotted and lived in honor of the wedding day memory. Do not hesitate to explore vast choices of colors and textures at your local florist when considering this type of accessory for your own special day.

Bride’s Corsage

Bride Corsages for weddings are a classic tradition that has been in place for generations. The small, generally floral accessory is placed on the bride’s wrist to symbolize her special status and central role on her big day. These corsages may match the bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres worn by the groom and his groomsmen or even the mother of the bride and groom's flowers. They can also be customized to reflect the personal style of the bride, from crystals to pearls to delicate lace details. With a Bride Corsage, wedding days are an extra special occasion for all involved!

Bridesmaids' Bouquets

A Bridesmaids' Bouquet is a beautiful accessory used in weddings to complement the bridal bouquet and coordinate with the accompanying dresses. It is typically composed of mix of flowers and greens, assembled tastefully to reflect the wedding's specific color palette. Each bridesmaid carries her own bouquet, allowing for even more customization; however, it should still be elegant and balance beautifully with the bride’s arrangement. Every detail matters in a wedding, so it's important that each bridesmaid's bouquet be memorable and unique- yet timeless! With its exquisite beauty and graceful style, a Bridesmaids Bouquet is sure to add an extra level of sparkle to any grand celebration.

Tossing Bouquet (For the Bouquet Toss at the Reception)

At a wedding reception, the tossing bouquet is an important part of the event. The bride will toss a bouquet to all of her single friends in attendance. These friends are then believed to be the next to get married. While traditional bridal bouquets can be used for the Bouquet Toss, many people prefer to save and preserve their special bouquet from their big day. There are, however, smaller and less expensive versions of a bridal bouquet that can be bought and used just for this purpose. After being tossed into the air, it's up to fate as to who is fortunate enough to catch it!

Flower Girl's Bouquet (Or Basket of Petals, Floral Crown, or Pomander)

A flower girl's bouquet, sometimes also called a basket of petals, a floral crown, or a pomander serves as one of the most beloved wedding traditions. During the ceremony, flower girls often carry these special items down the aisle for all to see and admire. The materials and colors used for them can vary depending on the couple’s wishes and preference; usually they match that of the bride’s bouquet. For example, some brides prefer lovely baskets filled to the brim with fragrant petals that look like miniature versions of real flowers whereas other couples favor having the flower girl adorned in a cheerful floral crown. Lastly, those looking to add an extra touch of flair may opt for their little attendants to wear an ornamental round sphere called a pomander which is suspended from ribbons by their delicate hands. Whichever option they choose, a flower girl’s bouquet certainly adds an air of enchantment to any wedding celebration!

Groom's Boutonniere

For weddings, a groom's boutonniere is a decorative accessory for his suit. It typically consists of a few chosen flowers - such as a rose, carnation, or small spray of greenery - and are sometimes accessorized with ribbons or feathers. The boutonniere is typically worn on the lapel of the jacket and should be identical to what the groomsmen carry, though usually the groom's boutonniere stands out with vivid colors or special adornments. Perhaps most importantly, it helps to establish unity between the members of the wedding party by serving as a sign that they are all connected to each other and part of the same event. The perfect boutonniere can set off any tuxedo style or color combination with an additional style element that will impress family and friends alike.

Other Boutonnieres, Corsages, and Nosegays

Boutonnieres, corsages and nosegays are all great ways to add a touch of personalized elegance to weddings. Often associated with the bride and groom, boutonnieres, corsages and nosegays can also be used to demonstrate appreciation and respect for other members of the wedding party. These may include ring bearers, parents or grandparents of the bride or groom as well as the officiants or ushers. The perfect accessory to any wedding attire, these special additions provide a stunning display that is sure to be remembered for years to come.


Ceremony Flowers

Entryway or Welcome Table Arrangements

The entryway or welcome table at a wedding is a great way to make the first impression on your guests. It often serves as an introduction to the theme or color palette of the event, making it a key element of the décor. A perfect entryway should have an eye-catching centerpiece like a large floral arrangement or other statement piece, with additional smaller decorations and seating cards on either side. To add an extra special touch you can incorporate elements such as photos of you and your partner, candles, signage with wedding quotes, and traditional wooden wishing wells filled with cards asking for advice and well wishes from your guests. An unforgettable welcome table arrangement is an essential part in setting up a memorable wedding experience.

Altar or Chuppah Arrangements

For weddings, many different cultures and religions have their own unique traditions that are centered around an altar or chuppah arrangement. Typically, this type of structure is made from four posts connected together by fabric or flowers and serves as a symbolic foundation for the marriage. Hindus will often adorn an altar with heavily embellished fabrics and garlands of flowers to symbolize fertility and a happy union; whereas Buddhists might just have a single plant at the altar to represent nature and tranquility. For Jewish marriages, a chuppah is generally held up over the bride, groom, rabbi, and other special people usually present. This is more than just decoration — it symbolizes the home they are creating together on their special day. Altar or Chuppah Arrangements thus serve as meaningful symbols throughout many cultures' wedding customs and highlight the importance of coming together as one family.

Pew or Chair Arrangements

For weddings, a Pew or Chair Arrangement is a great way to honor special friends and family by ascribing them prime seating at the ceremony. Typically starting right up front closest to the altar, this type of arrangement begins with the bride and groom's families being seated in rows of chairs that have been decorated with flowers or ribbons. The honored guests may follow in the remaining rows while other guests who wish to participate can stand along the sides or behind these chairs. This unique setup gives loved ones an opportunity to be an integral part of what is arguably the most important moment for a couple on their biggest day.

Aisle Decorations

Aisle Decorations for weddings are a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your special day. They make for stunning visuals as you and your partner walk down the aisle together. From rose petals scattered around the aisle to strings of lights hung throughout, there are countless options for couples looking to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Not only do these decorative pieces lend a festive feel, they also tie into the overall wedding style and theme. Whether you’re going for a classic look or something more whimsical and modern, decorations for the aisle can easily be personalized to match whatever aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve. With a little creativity, Aisle Decorations can create an intimate atmosphere that will truly make your wedding ceremony memorable.

Tossing Petals for Guests

Tossing petals for guests is a memorable way to make a wedding even more special. During the ceremony, petals are collected and held by members in the family or friends of the happy couple and, once the couple has officially tied the knot, those gathered are invited to shower them with brightly colored petals as they walk back down the aisle. This long-standing tradition adds another layer of joy to the celebration and is a great way to involve family and friends in the special day. A moment that will be remembered for years to come!


Reception Flowers

Cocktail Table Arrangements

Cocktail table arrangements for weddings are a wonderful way to add elegance and flair to the big day. These tables can incorporate several elements, such as linens and centerpieces that help set the tone, creating a cohesive and attractive design. For example, one common element of cocktail table arrangements is low flower bouquets or arrangements, which not only add color to the room but provide a warm, inviting atmosphere. Candles can also be used to light up the party and generate an intimate yet festive mood. Wedding guests will surely appreciate the aesthetic ambiance created through careful cocktail table arrangements - it's a great way to make memories last without compromising on style!

Bar Arrangements

The bar arrangements for a wedding play an important role in ensuring guests have an enjoyable time. It can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each couple, as well as providing an array of refreshments for the big day. Not only does a carefully thought out beverage selection provide guests with energy and an overall sense of celebration, it can also be used as part of the overall decor theme. A wedding bar can range from a full open bar with craft cocktails and beer flights to having signature drinks served throughout the event to a simple punch pot bar containing exotic juices and flavored syrups. Additionally, deciding on alcoholic or non-alcoholic is essential because this will affect how you budget and cater your bar. Ultimately, by consulting with a professional bartender or caterer, couples can guarantee they’re giving their guests the ultimate experience on their special day.

Escort Card Table Arrangements

Escort card table arrangements can make a powerful impression at a wedding. They are an excellent way to add a subtle but beautiful touch of elegance to any special event. Escort card tables typically show guests to their assigned tables or seating areas and can also be used to give out wedding favors. These tables are often ornately decorated with lace and ribbons, creating an inviting ambience for the occasion. The use of escort cards is not only functional, it’s a great way to bring both style and sophistication to your wedding day.


Table centerpiece arrangements for weddings is the most important part of the wedding floral display as guests will be looking at these arrangements the most since they are situated at each table. Whether standing or flat on the table, table centerpieces enhance the beauty and sets the tone of the reception. The centerpiece arrangement consists of elements such as beautiful florals, candle holders, ribbons, and any other decorative items to draw attention to the event space. Depending on the season and chosen theme, there are many creative design options for centerpieces including: modern shapes, bright flowers in bold colors, or something basic yet elegant. An eye-catching centerpiece arrangement can add an extra layer of elegance and will be remembered by guests long after their special day.

Newlyweds' Chair Decorations

Newlandweds' Chair Flower Decorations are a delightful way to add an extra special and romantic touch to a couple's wedding day. These decorations, which often feature two chairs joined by flower garlands and other accessories such as ribbons and bows, are both eye-catching and meaningful. On the back of each chair a little sign is usually hung - one for the bride and one for the groom - declaring them man and wife. It's a unique addition to any modern wedding that symbolizes the union between two people as they come together in love, excitement, and anticipation of starting their life together. Not only is it a beautiful adornment for photos, but it also serves as an excellent reminder for guests to constantly celebrate the newly wedded pair throughout the day.

Wedding Cake Flowers

Wedding cake flowers bring a unique beauty to the special day and make weddings even more memorable. Traditionally, fresh or sugared flowers have been used to decorate wedding cakes. Depending on the season, popular varieties such as roses, freesias, dahlias, poppies and daisies lend a natural charm to the iced tier cake. All these flowers can be dyed to various colors that fit into a given theme or chosen by the bride and groom personally. If you're planning for something more modern and exciting, you can always opt for decorative edible elements like gumpaste butterflies, fondant ribbons or shimmering edible lacework that creates amazing textures on the cake surface. You can also combine fresh or sugared petals with intricate piped decorations that add both flavor and visual impact to the dessert centerpiece.

Buffet Table/Food Station Arrangements

Setting up a buffet table or food station arrangements for a wedding can be an exciting way to give guests an easy and enjoyable culinary experience. These arrangements offer flexibility in keeping your budget on track while providing tasty and unique dishes that guests won't soon forget. Depending on station preference and size of the reception, buffet table or food station arrangements might include hors d'oeuvres stations with tapas plates or crepe bites, a carving/entrée station with house-smoked salmon or steak accompanied by potato au gratin and asparagus spears, followed by options such as Asian originals, Mexican favors, cheese selections with gourmet crackers and fruit tarts served with coffee and tea. Flexibility also extends to how your meal is presented from having large platters casually set up on large tables to more contained display areas with glass cake stands, trays and risers arranged for a more formal look. Above all else, a well-designed plan for arranging buffet food should ensure that meals are filling, visually appealing and delicious.

Lounge Area Arrangements

Creating the perfect atmosphere for weddings takes much more than just booking a reception venue and organizing decorations. For special occasions such as weddings, lounge area arrangements can define the way that guests will interact during the event. Comprised of comfortable furniture, chic blankets, distinct lighting, and captivating decoration pieces, these lounge areas serve as an escape from the chaos of dancing and mingling with other guests. When created thoughtfully and logically, a lounge can make for very pleasant memories long after the wedding day is over. Therefore, Lounge Area Arrangements become one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a wedding.

Powder Room Decorations

Powder Room Decorations for weddings can really be a great way to decorate and show off your individual style. From elegant floral motifs to glamorous silver linens, there are endless options that can help make your wedding truly memorable. Whether you choose glamorous lighting fixtures, metallic accents, or simply add a few fun accessories like succulents, plants and jars of decadent bath salts, the powder room is sure to become one of the most talked about decorations at your wedding celebration. Powder room decorations not only make the space extra special but also create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for refreshing before getting back on the dance floor. Imagine how much happier your guests will be with little touches like mini bottles of perfume or face wipes in the washroom!

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