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Designers Choice - Rose Design

Item # DC-RD
Designers Choice - Rose Design

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Rose Design Arrangement 

A unique arrangement made by our artisans using the freshest flowers of the day. PLEASE NOTE: Designer's Choice product image does not necessarily reflect the finished item. This product consists of seasonal, market-fresh roses, which will vary by the day. The color chosen will be the Designer's choice. These arrangements will contain roses and may contain greenery. Other minor flowers may be used. The larger price points will feature longer stems, more roses with the possibility of higher end flowers.

Delivery & Substitutions

"The Unusual Rather Than The Usual In Floral Arrangements" ~ Jimmy Cress *Although we will do our best to make your arrangements as soon as possible, we are unable to guarantee deliveries at specific times or specific time windows. Occasionally, we may need to substitute flowers, colors, or vases due to high demand. Our expert designers will use flowers of equal or greater value to maintain the original aesthetic of the arrangement. If you have any questions, please call. Thanks for your understanding!

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Designers Choice - Rose Design
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