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Simple Devotion Collection

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Simple Devotion Collection

Product Details

Whites and creams are a feature of this collection, which is dignified, celebratory and beautiful. Available in a collection, or as individual components. For further information about this design, please call the store.

Simple Devotion Collection SDCOL-HP
A: Simple Devotion Deluxe Casket Spray SD001-HP
B: Simple Devotion 
C: Simple Devotion Carnation/Fuji Mache Basket SD007-HP
D: Simple Devotion Carnation/Fuji Mache SD008-HP
E: Simple Devotion Deluxe Spray on a Stand SD004-HP
F: Simple Devotion Classic Cremation Setting SD002-HP

Delivery & Substitutions

We Guarantee Same-Day Flower Delivery If ordered before 3 PM EST Monday - Saturday: Sunday: noon EST. Occasional substitutions of flowers, colors, or vases may occur; this is uncommon, but we will use flowers of equal or more excellent value if required.

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Simple Devotion Collection
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Simple Devotion Collection
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Simple Devotion Collection
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Simple Devotion Collection
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