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Small Elegant Spathiphyllum

Item # SES
Small Elegant Spathiphyllum

Product Details

More commonly known as the Peace Lily, this plant makes a great gift for the home for anyone special in your life. This plant is delivered in a standard basket (as shown) or a premium decor ceramic vase (NOTE: ceramic vase may vary!). Approximately 17 inches wide by 27 inches tall.

*Please note: Some plants can be poisonous to certain pets if eaten. If you have questions, please check with your veterinarian or Poison Control Center for any questions about pet/plant safety.

Delivery & Substitutions

We Guarantee Same-Day Flower Delivery If ordered before 3 PM EST Monday - Saturday: Sunday: noon EST. Occasional substitutions of flowers, colors, or vases may occur; this is uncommon, but we will use flowers of equal or more excellent value if required.


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Small Elegant Spathiphyllum
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Small Elegant Spathiphyllum
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Small Elegant Spathiphyllum
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