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Get Well

Our Get Well flowers are a beautiful selection of blooms that will bring a smile to any room, whether you're looking for a traditional get-well flower delivery bouquet or a unique Get Well Gift Basket.

Get Well Soon, Flowers

When someone we care about feels unwell, we often feel helpless and wish to do something to make them feel better. That's where the power of flowers comes in. Studies have shown that receiving flowers can boost a person's mood and reduce stress levels. At James Cress Florist, our Get Well collection features a variety of beautiful flowers that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

From cheerful sunflowers to elegant roses, our experienced florists can help you select and deliver the perfect bouquet to brighten a hospital room or home. And with the convenience of online ordering and delivery to most homes and hospitals on Long Island, sending Get Well Soon flowers has never been more accessible. Let us help you show your good friend or loved one that you care and bring some sunshine into their day.


What is Some Good Get Well Soon Gifts?

When it comes to selecting get-well-soon gifts, there are many options to choose from. Some popular choices include sending a care package filled with comforting items such as tea, soup, and cozy blankets. Another thoughtful gift is a personalized card or note, reminding recipients they are loved and cared for during recovery. 


Self-care items such as a scented candle, body lotion, or a book can help promote relaxation and comfort. However, studies have shown that flowers can positively affect a person's well-being, making them a great choice for a get-well-soon gift. Whether it's a cheerful bouquet of sunflowers or a classic arrangement of roses, flowers can lift spirits and bring happiness. At James Cress Florist, our Get Well collection features a wide range of beautiful flower arrangements sure to bring a smile to any patient's face.


Get Well Delivery

Sometimes it is tough to find something suitable for a get-well gift; We are here to help you to find the perfect gift with quick delivery. Traditional flower arrangements are our top recommendation well gift baskets, and bright-colored floral flowers, including Sunflowers and yellow roses, will brighten up any room.

In hospitals, doctors often prefer giving gifts flowers rather than giving non-plant gifts when someone suffers from a flower allergy. It's an excellent way to choose plants in these circumstances. Modern plants like our latest succulents are a great place to say you are getting much better now!


FAQs About Get Well Flowers


What are the most popular get-well flowers?

The most popular get-well gift baskets and flowers are traditional floral arrangements, particularly bright-colored flowers like Sunflowers and yellow roses that can bring a smile to any room. Other popular plants for get-well gifts include succulents and mixed bouquets for an extra special touch.


What are the get-well flowers for someone in the hospital?

The get-well flowers for someone in the hospital should be traditional floral arrangements with bright, cheerful colors like Sunflowers and yellow roses. Additionally, succulents and mixed bouquets bamboo plants can also make a thoughtful gift. When sending get-well flowers, send other gifts to someone in the hospital, it's important to note if the person has any allergies or restrictions to plants so that you can select an appropriate item.


What is the meaning of get well, flowers?

Getting flowers and well wishes means showing love and concern for someone ill, injured, or recovering from a health issue. A bouquet can be an uplifting and thoughtful gesture that will bring a smile and strengthen the person's spirit during difficult times. Get well flowers are also believed to have healing powers; they may articulate genuine sentiments of good health and cheer while providing comfort during difficult times.


What is the best way to send get-well flowers?

The best way to send get-well flowers is to choose traditional floral arrangements with bright, cheerful colors like Sunflowers or yellow roses. Additionally, succulents and mixed bouquets can make a thoughtful gift. It's important to note any allergies or restrictions the person may have when sending get-well flowers delivered other gifts so that you can select an appropriate item. If possible, it's also recommended to include an encouraging message with your flower delivery and wishes as a gesture of support and good wishes during their recovery process.


How long do get-well flowers last?

Get well flowers typically last from the same day delivery 7 to 10 days when properly cared for. To extend the lifespan of your flowers, you'll want to ensure that there's always enough water in the vase and that it is placed away from drafts or sources of heat. Removing wilting leaves and trimming stems regularly can help keep the flowers looking their best for extended periods

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