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Sympathy Gift Baskets

Express your thoughts, prayers, love, and support with a variety of sympathy gift baskets from James Cress Florist. In a challenging, difficult time of remembrance, we must let our friends, family, and loved ones know we are thinking of them. Let family members or friends know they are in your thoughts, and wish them the best with a delivery of our sympathy gift baskets. A sympathy food basket filled with treats such as fresh fruit, red wine, gourmet snacks, and other food gifts is a simple but unquestionably beloved gesture that will allow you to express your sympathy.

Send Sympathy Gift Baskets

Let family or friends know you are thinking of them with a thoughtful gift they will surely appreciate. If you struggle to find words, send them sympathy gift baskets that will say it all.

What Types of Sympathy Baskets Can I send?

We have a wide selection of sympathy baskets available. Each gift basket has been curated with gifts of tasty treats ranging from savory to sweet delights. In addition, we offer fresh sympathy fruit baskets made with fresh fruits and other gourmet food gifts that can be delivered locally or shipped nationwide. Our sympathy food baskets have plenty of variety, including candy, baked goods, red wine, fruit, chocolates, cheese, and other gourmet snacks, to send your love and sympathy through the perfect sympathy care package.

Send Your Love With Sympathy Gifts Showing Caring and Compassion

It's easy for people to feel overwhelmed by loss. In these difficult times, sending one of our bereavement gift baskets will show your love and support to your friends, family, and loved ones. We offer sympathy gifts with freshly picked fruit, various savory nuts, and various other delicious snack options. The gift of sympathy shows love and compassion in times of need.

A Gift Basket is the Perfect Sympathy Gift

If you are looking for the perfect way to express your love and sympathy to a bereaving family member, friend, or loved one, sending one of our sympathy gift baskets will surprise your loved one and lets them know you are thinking of them during their difficult times.

Sympathy Gift Baskets FAQ

What is a Sympathy Basket?

A sympathy basket sends love, hugs, support, and gifts all in one package. All sympathy baskets include carefully chosen gourmet foods such as wine, cheese, fruit, chocolate, and other food gifts, among other small, thoughtful gifts for grieving family and friends.

What Do You Put In a Bereavement Basket?

Our gift baskets may include fresh fruits, gourmet foods, wine, chocolates, cheese, and other artisanal food gifts. Other alternatives may consist of nut cakes, cookies, brownies, or other delectable items. In addition, our sympathy baskets will include a message for your recipient. The note and the food gifts will let your recipient know they are in your thoughts & prayers.

Is It Appropriate To Send Gift Baskets For Sympathy?

Many senders will only think of sending flowers to the funeral home when trying to show their support through gifts of sympathy. This makes our sympathy food baskets unique - as a personal gift, you are directly sending a message to your recipient showing your love and compassion in a distinctive, meaningful way.

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